Sunday, November 17, 2013

Week 7: Oblique Coffee Roasters

Date: November 17, 2013

Destination: Oblique Coffee Roasters ( SE Stark Street, Portland

Coffee: Guatemala Huehuetenago San Juan La Libertad single origin bean

Drink: Cappuccino (P.S. very good)

Each week I've tried to pick a destination with a unique characteristic. Oblique Coffee Roasters  is named after the condition of the building when the owners acquired it. It was built in 1891 and well used and abused. By the time they saw it it was leaning at approx. 18 degrees ---- it did not look promising. Check out their story from purchase to restoration at "".
It is amazing and a beautiful result and community resource. They also show the Tour de France every year.


  1. Good job, Dennis! Will you please send me your mailing address so that I can mail out a prize to you? I don't think I received an email from you previously to note your Coffeeneuring Challenge finish. You can use the contact form on Thanks!